Q.  Where does my money go?

A. The donations are collected through the IDPDF association in Vienna, Austria and directly transferred to PDF on Flores, Indonesia. The donations are used to fund the following:

  • Infrastructure to provide adequate access to schools, hospitals or sanitary facilities;
  • Training of physicians, nurses and other medical staff to administer skilled medical care to the patients.

100% of the collected donations are used solely for the above-mentioned purposes. The nature of both IDPDF and PDF is non-profit and none of the current staff is waged for their work. All of PDF’s workers operate solely on a voluntary basis. 

Q. How can I help?

A. The most effective way to help is through donations to IDPDF. We accept any donation from both private individuals as well as governmental institutions.

Because we believe in cross-cultural integration, we accept volunteer work. However, if you wish to volunteer with us, the following conditions apply:

  • The duration of your stay on Flores as a volunteer with PDF cannot be less than 1 year. This condition serves the purpose of creating a long-lasting relationship with the local community, hence facilitating their ability to get to know and rely on the volunteers;
  • All travel & visa costs will have to be covered by you. In addition, there might be a number of expenses that you will have to consider and that will not be covered by us. Some of the main things that you will be paying for on your own are: airfare, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, and any other personal expenses;
  • We will provide a basic accommodation and two daily meals. However, please contact us in advance of any travel booking!

Q. How does my donation make a difference?

A. Since the beginning of IDPDF, we have clearly seen how individuals joining together can be incredibly powerful defenders of human dignity. You can make a one-off donation or donate regularly. 

  • Donations up to 100$ will be used for casts, transportation costs for patients who need to get to and from medical facilities (i.e. rehabilitation centers), different medicines;
  • Donations over 100$ are used to purchase construction materials, wheelchairs, specified furniture and subsidising operations (i.e. surgeries, medical bills, recovery costs).