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Who We Help

We help people, especially children, with a wide range of congenital or acquired physical disabilities.  The general areas we cover are listed below with a few examples of conditions that fall within the broader categories:

Musculo Skeletal Disability

(Loss or deformity of limbs; Osteogenesis Imperfecta; Muscular Dystrophy)

Neuro Musculo Disability

(Cerebral Palsy; Spina Bifida; Poliomyelitis; Stroke; Head Injury; Spinal Cord Injury - paraplegia or tetraplegia)


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Past Achievements


COOPERAtion initiation

The establishment of a successful initial cooperation with the local government and a mutual declaration of cooperation and data exchange.



Data collection

The collection of data for 50 patients and cost allocation for necessary treatment.



local organization establishment

The development of an Indonesian model organization in cooperation with exclusively local staff (apart from the founder), including training and knowledge transfer.



Assistance delivery

Provision of support for over 20 patients (including physiotherapy and basic medical care).



The successful and barrier-free conversion of the Cancar SD II school (disabled WC and barrier-free access routes within the school grounds).

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Future Goals


Lasting government cooperation

Development and preservation of a lasting financial, informational and infrastructural cooperation with the Indonesian Government.



Private sector cooperation

Development and preservation of a lasting financial, informational and infrastructural cooperation with members of the Indonesian private sector.



wider localization

Wider regional integration, including the employment of several residents of the island, therefore offering an employment platform for the local community.



international OUTlook

Establishment of a model organization and a concept transferable to other regions, including but not limited to internal policies and procedures, funding models, operational frameworks and cooperation standards.



workforce specialization

Recruitment of specialized medical staff to carry out specific tasks (i.e. nurses, physiotherapists, physicians).



preventive healthcare

Offer of preventive healthcare services, in order to initiate a proactive approach to physical disabilities (i.e. workshops, seminars, know-how presentations).


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Future Projects


Interactive online map

Creation of an interactive online map, providing a cartographic directory of the medical infrastructure present on Flores, with information retrieved and edited by NGOs staff across Flores (expandable to other islands).


500 x 5 initiative

Provision of medical support, physiotherapy and access to educational facilities to 500 children aged 0 to 16 in the next 5 years.



Create, plan and implement a month-long festival on an island neighbouring Flores which will be open to an international audience. The festival's goal will be that of merging local culture and traditions with different sensory experiences. All festival profits will be collected and donated to IDPDF.