Improving accessibility for people with disabilities in indonesia

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IDPDF (Infrastructure Development for People with Disabilities Flores) is an association that works in direct and exclusive cooperation with the Indonesian association Peduli Disabled Flores (PDF). We stand for the infrastructural development of the basic services for people with disabilities on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Peduli Disabled Flores is the association concerned with all the ground- and grassroots-work carried out on the island of Flores. PDF is registered in Indonesia.

IDPDF is the counterpart of PDF, and it is concerned with all fundraising and crowdfunding activities necessary for PDF to work effectively and efficiently. IDPDF is registered in Vienna, Austria.



Indonesia’s idyllic appearance can be deceptive, given the large portion of the island’s inhabitants living in poverty and without adequate infrastructural care. The Jakarta-headquartered Indonesia Central Government, has address the issues of this outer, Eastern province only a few years ago. Clearly, such structural infrastructure changes involve an immense number of new tasks, which have overwhelmed the local authorities. This, in turn, has left many of Flores’ inhabitants to hoping in vain for state support. The ones most affected by these setbacks are people with physical and mental disabilities. Specifically, children are often unable to leave their villages and go to school because of their disabilities. Living with a disability is already a difficult task, which undoubtedly requires community support.





Tackling the inadequate accessibility of education facilities by building the necessary infrastructure;


Addressing and bettering the lack of medical care and therapy by transferring knowledge to local physiotherapists and doctors;


Creating an effective network of medical and nursing staff.


Hospitality is a pillar of Flores’ culture.


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Indonesia is a fascinating country in the Southeast of Asia, it is also the fourth most populated country in the world, with over 250 million inhabitants. Indonesia is characterised by a wide-spread archipelago, comprising over 13,000 islands, all of which will allow you to travel from past to present and back. Our association (IDPDF), is located on the small Sunda Island Flores, in the Eastern part of Indonesia’s archipelago, just North of Australia. Flores is a small paradise on Earth that’s also known for the Komodo National Park, the only place in the world where one can catch a sight of the “Komodo Dragons”, fascinating primeval lizards over 2 meters (6.5 feet) long. While walking through Flores’ countryside, you will encounter friendly and curious looks around every corner. Hospitality is a pillar of Flores’ culture, which is why one’s visit to this island will be memorable in terms of people’s friendliness and their generosity. This was, at least, the experience of the many friends and guests whom we had the chance of bringing closer to the island’s way of life and its people.


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